This is for Customers who were booked into Couples Barbados.

Couples Resorts was sold out from under them on October 18 to Sandals Resorts.

For info on the closing, here is the Press Release  – Couples Barbados Closes.

The resort has been renamed Sandals Barbados and Sandals has agreed to accommodate the Couples customers.

As you can imagine, there have been lots of questions.


We asked Couples Resorts the following questions  and this is their response:

Q – Will we still get the Island resort credits?

A – If you are going to be staying with Sandals Barbados, yes you will receive the $200.00 BGI Island wide credit.  If you change to Jamaica, you will not receive the credit, as it is for BGI Island only.


Q – Will Scuba still be offered?

A – Yes, scuba will still be available.  Based on Sandals rules,   certified divers can go daily.  For non-certified guests, there is a resort cost of $90.00 per person.


Q – Will the restaurants be the same?

A – No restaurant changes will be made at this time, however Sandals will be converting to at least one of their Signature Restaurants.  They do not yet have a timeline for this change.  As with any hotel, updates and renovations can be scheduled at any time and are subject to change, but Sandals always keeps the guests in mind when making changes.


Q – Should we sign up for the Sandals Signature number?

A – Sandals also offers a reward program.  I cannot sign you up myself, but you can sign up while you are there.  Here is a link with more information about the program.


Q – Will the transfers be the same?

A – Yes, transfers are still included.  If you travel before November 6th, you will look for the Couples sign at the airport.  If you travel after November 6th, you will look for the Sandals sign at the airport.


Q – Are airline change fees being waived?

A – No, the airlines are not waiving change fees.  They will charge a change fee and let you use the remainder toward a new ticket.  If the ticket to Jamaica is higher, the difference will be collected.  If the airfare to Jamaica is lower, you will NOT get the refund for the difference.  This is an airline rule.  Also, Couples is refunding you $500.00 toward the cost of the change.  If you want to go with Couples in Jamaica, the airfare change fee will be credited back to you with this credit.  This can change depending on the airline and airfare you have purchased.  We are handling these on a case by case basis.


Q – If paid in full, will documents be reissued?  

A – Yes, those who have paid in full will be getting new documents.

Q – Will there still be Romance Reward points now that it is a Sandals?

A – Yes, you will be getting your full romance rewards points, even if it is Sandals.  Once you return from your trip, you will contact the Romance Concierge.


Q – Will the Couples Resort $300.00 credit be honored through Sandals?

A – If you remain in BGI, you will be getting the resort credit. If you change to Jamaica, you will be getting the $500.00 discount on the booking.


Q- Does Sandals have any major renovations they will be doing?  If yes, do we have a timeline?

A – At this time, we have not been advised of any renovations taking place.  When I receive any information from Sandals regarding renovations, I will be sure to let you know.


If you have any questions we have not covered here, please give us a call at 1-800-313-9840 or drop us an email using the Contact Us tab above.

Everyone at Couples Resorts, and here at Couples Resorts Experts, are very sorry for this inconvenience.  This was never expected to happen.