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» Couples ‘Spring Fling’ = rates dropped!!

The promo is called ‘Spring Fling’ And the rates are great. 54% is better than a ‘2 for 1’. Why the rate drop you ask……….Well the prices originally scheduled for 2014 were sky high compared to last year…….. and the Couples Message Board blew up. Lots of cranky repeat customers spoke. So out came new [» Read More…]

» 2013 Awards for Couples Resorts

Best of the Best! The results are out, and Couples Resorts, once again, claims victory. Recognized by industry leaders as a top-rated hotel chain, here are some of the prestigious awards presented for 2013: TRAVEL & LEISURE WORLD’S BEST AWARDS Travel + Leisure World’s Best Hotels represents the top-rated hotels around the globe, as selected [» Read More…]

» Randymon (Russell) is Leaving Couples

  We all love Couples Chief Romance Officer Randy Russell aka “Randymon,” but it was announced on November 25, 2013 that he will be leaving Couples Resorts to begin a new chapter in his professional career. No worries, mon.  We wish him the best in all of life’s celebrations! So, in true irie tradition, we’ll [» Read More…]